Therel Wetlands was left by the legacy of Sam and Mary Therel as it was once a Masonic Lodge, church and school before it turned into a preserve. Also seen as an educational area for students, this place has become one of the best places to come for hikes and casual walks in nature, at no expense.

If you’re debating on whether to visit a wetland, I highly suggest going to Therel’s because it exceeds all expectations!

1. Prime Hiking Destination:

Surrounding by wondrous trees and nature, this is one of the best places to engage on a fulfilling hike around the area. Over 70 acres of land is provided for you to hike through and on and discover all of the life that inhabits this place. The trails are wide and maintained enough for small children and wheelchair access giving absolutely everyone the opportunity to experience this place.
2. The Olympic Mountains In The Background:

With such a scenic backdrop, it enhances the hike and time spent in this wetland by motivating and helping you capture such precious moments. Make sure you bring a camera because throughout all periods of the day these mountains are pristine.

3. Various Trails:

Many trails differ in the range extending from a quarter mile to over three miles in the surrounding areas. All of the different creeks have a path that leads near it so you’re able to spot wildlife in them as well as along them. There are tunnels of shrubs that you can also walk through to get to a different part of the trail or lead to the estuary.

Many boardwalks and bridges are giving the wetlands a more unique and convenient way of breaking up the long distances between trails and offering various sitings along the way.

4. Union River Estuary:

Not only can you go to the estuary or pass it along one of your hikes but there is an exhibit located within the wetlands that will further explain all of the wildlife and specific places surrounding it. The complex ecosystems of how wetlands are made up can be learned through the hands-on exhibits displayed that are provided so you can better appreciate this particular part of nature.

5. Surplus Of Wildlife:

There are many different animals such as eagles, osprey, herons, otters, and deer that live in these wetlands. Unfortunately, there are no animals allowed, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be spotting some other animals that you would want to be taking home as your new pets anyways.

There are various breeds of birds that can be seen year round as well as geese through the warmer seasons near the estuary and creeks. The most favorite birds are the songbirds or the Redwing blackbirds that whistle and blend in with the trees.

If you just so happen to be doing the long drive through Belair this is the perfect place for you to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air with beautiful wildlife.

Here’s a video of the Theler Wetlands!

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