Guide to Theler Wetlands Trails

There are many different trails and ways of going about this wetland, all depending on which locations and scenery you’re most adamant on seeing first. It is possible to partake in all of the various paths along the estuary trail and Union River if you give yourself enough time for this journey.

Many trail signs can be identified on the concrete paths, leading you in the right direction as well pamphlets that are held in the exhibit so you can pinpoint the exact locations you want to see instead of partaking on a particular trail that is laid out for you.

Don’t hesitate on embracing any path that you want as each road is paved and maintained, so young children and the elderly are able to access the routes available. This will be a hike to remember

1. Entrance Point:

There is only one starting point near the Dike road that is near the freshwater marsh. If you want to pursue a particular trail such as the South Tidal Marsh Trail or the Alder/Cedar Swamp Trail, there are specific alternate routes you can take upon arrival.

Each one consists of signs and information regarding the routes as you are heading in that direction. Both of these trails lead you to different adventures either obtaining scenery on glaciers and geology, or a more wildlife approach by seeing birds of the saltmarsh.

2. Choosing Route:

As stated above, your day and experience will depend on which route you want to take. If you want to chance it and just follow random trails, that is a certain way of seeing incredible wildlife and things but make sure you’re keeping track of where you’re going, so you don’t get lost once it starts getting dark.

The South Tidal Marsh Trail is more focused on the watershed connection and the hood canal as you pass the demonstration garden of various native plants. There is a boardwalk you will be walking across as the entire thing is pretty much a straight shot hike or walk.

The Alder/Cedar Swamp Trail is surrounding the forested wetland accessing you to the floating tire pilings nad glaciers and geology showed throughout the route. This can be considered a longer hike and is seen to be going in a complete circle unlike the hike above.

3. Being Prepared:

After you decide what route you are on, it’s best to take everything into consideration before you start your journey. Make sure you’re dressed for the weather and taking the time into account before heading out so you can be back to your car with plenty of sunlight left.

Also it vital that you’re staying hydrated and packed all of the necessary snacks or liquids needed throughout the time you will be on the route. Although the trails add up to a little less than three miles, one way, it’s still crucial to be prepared for the unexpected throughout the hike.

Check out more about the Theler Wetlands from the video below!