Top 5 Worst Secrets To Never Hide When Dating

We all have snakes in the closet and are ashamed of our old selves at one point or another, but it’s best to be as honest as possible when you start dating someone. If you rip the band-aid off and put everything on the table, then you have created a solid foundation instead of a throne of lies.

You want to date someone that will accept the good, bad and the ugly anyways so if they decide to judge the hell out of you, probably don’t want to pursue an even more serious relationship with them anyways.

1. Married:

Even if you’re currently separated or about to get a divorce, if you’re technically still married then you need to let them know. The worst thing is finding out through the grape vine that you’ve already been through the whole marriage thing.

Most of the time people tend to go back to work their marriage out, so it’s considerate to give the other person a heads up that you have a lot of baggage when it comes to someone else.

2. Live At Home:

Your partner may begin to catch on that you don’t have your place when you never bring them to your place. They might be flattered that you think their place is awesome but trust me, suspicions will arise, and they will get it out of you. It’s nothing to be ashamed about if you had a minor setback with a job or life gets you down but blatantly lying about where you live is a definite no.

3. Children:

This one is a definite deal breaker for some people, and as much as you want to have a clean slate with someone, it does involve your children depending on their age. Also, there can always be baby mama or daddy drama that you need to warn your partner about so it’s best to embrace your parent lifestyle and come straight out and tell them.

4. Slept With Their Sibling:

If you have had a history with your partner’s family one drunken night or even a full blown out relationship that they’re unaware of, just start off by telling your side of the story before it goes any further. Shit happens, and people make mistakes and have past flings, but hookups will come back to haunt you one way or another, so it’s best to come clean when you have the chance.

Especially if you’re disclosing the people you’ve slept with in the past, make sure you slip in that minor detail, so they aren’t caught off guard when they hear it from the fam.

5. Deathly Ill:

This one is a touchy subject, and I know it can be an immediate red flag if you start a casual relationship knowing that the other person is on a time limit, but it’s better to know than not. It’s only fair to prepare your partner with all of the possibilities and outcomes of your illness so they can mentally prepare for any consequences of continuing in the relationship.